Chef Adam Soliman

Chef Adam Soliman - an influential, award winning Chef responsible for the rise and success of the Egyptian food scene in Toronto.

"My love for cooking has granted me a career as a Chef at the Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, where I was chosen along with 20 other chefs across Canada, to cater the G20 Summit. I was Head Chef &. I've had many great experiences, but none greater than receiving a Gold plate by the Queen and Prince Phillip during their last Royal visit, for a private catered event.

Since 1999 I've been constantly creating Egyptian cuisine for the Canadian market, proving Egyptian food can succeed. There are others in Toronto that have also proved the mouthwatering flavors of Egyptian cuisine are loved by many.

With Aragoz- I wanted to take it to the next level. To capture all the food markets that exist in Egypt. The Fish, the BBQ, the Comfort Foods and of course the Sweets. A marketplace of amazing Egyptian food that’s inspired by all the regions and cooking styles of Egypt. And then share it with you. Order and Enjoy."